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YogaFit Training Level One: My experience

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For about 5 years now I had been saying “I’m going to do my Yoga Training this year or soon”. I said it all the time and never followed through, typical me. At one point I tried out another 200 hour training and dropped out, also tyyyypical meeee. ?

I couldn’t decide on a 200 hr training or just slowly starting my training out with YogaFit. I would search all the time on YogaFit’s website for nearby Level One trainings. There would also be one at least 2-3 hours away.

Finally, one day I was searching and saw that their was a training in Tallahassee. This was only a little over an hour away from me, so there wasn’t a need to book a hotel. I swear I went back to the site to look at this training for weeeeeks, before I bit the bullet at the literal last minute to sign up. I’m so glad I did, because the experience was amazing and better than I had anticipated.

Day One

So if you are unfamiliar, YogaFit Level One is a weekend training, Saturday and Sunday normally from 8-6pm. There are many reason I decided to go with YogaFit, you can read more about why here.

Anyways! The first day we met at the FSU Recreation Center. The instructor gave us our manuals, a YogaFit CD with music and a DVD for the Level One Training. We went around the room and introduced ourselves.

We dove right into the manual and started learning the history of YogaFit and the mountains and valleys of how YogaFit classes are designed. Following this we have about an hour long YogaFit flow instructed by our trainer. It was a fantastic class by the way.

Around 12:30 or so we had about an hour and half or so for a break.

We came back to class around 2pm and proceeded to go through the level one poses and proper alignment for each. This took up the remainder of the day.

I remember on my drive back home thinking about how happy I was that I had joined the class. Thinking to myself, this was way better than the yoga training I had experienced previously. I was super excited for the future of my yoga teaching and felt more confident than ever for the direction I wanted to go.

Day 2

We finished going through the remaining poses in the manual. Then paired up with another student to walk through a sequence. Went through a gentle yoga flow, that was amazing because we were all a bit tired and sore already. Next was our break for lunch.

I was a little nervous because I knew after lunch we would have to practice teach.

All of this was a little out of my comfort zone and I was pushing myself to be there because I knew I wanted to be.

So after lunch, we break up into two groups of 8 to do our practice teaching. I ended up loving the way we did it. We all laid our mats in a circle and one person cued a pose, then it would go to the next person who had to transition it into the next pose in the sequence. It was actually really fun. But also helped relieve the nervousness of having to teach all by yourself because it was really a group effort.

It ended up being a whole lot of fun! And I almost felt silly for being nervous because it was so chill and laid back and everyone was really accepting and friendly.

At the end of the 2nd (last) day, the trainer went over insurance options and other classes and trainings we can do with YogaFit. We talked about what we learned from the training.

Overall it was a really great experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to get into teaching yoga. Feel free to ask any questions if you are considering taking a YogaFit training!

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