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Yoga for Beginners: A Beginners Guide To Yoga Props and Equipment

yoga props for beginners
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When I first started yoga, I practiced a store bought DVD that didn’t really use any yoga props other than a mat.

I always wondered what the blocks, straps, and other things were used for.  The more I got into yoga at home and in a studio, the more I realized the importance of props and they aren’t just for beginners!

Here are some commonly used yoga props and equipment!

Yoga Mats

1st up is the yoga mat!

I’ve tried to go without one before on carpet and a hard floor, you end up with carpet burn or bruises (not fun!)

If you are just starting out, I’d grab a cheap mat. Cheaper yoga mats can range from $8.00-30.00.

You don’t want to buy an expensive one until you are sure it’s something you do consistently.  If you plan to practice often or go to hot yoga, you may want to invest in a stickier high quality mat.

I absolutely LOVE the Youphoria Mat.  It’s a fantastic mat, and very affordable considering similar ones cost double or triple more. I bought mine after seeing people rave about it on Instagram.


Blocks would be my next most used product.

You can use these is SO many different ways, it’s almost exciting when I find out a new use for them.  Blocks can help you properly align yourself in a pose if you aren’t quite able to do so without assistance.  Maybe you need some height, you can stand on them when practicing getting into crow pose and other various poses.

I typically use them to place under my back to give it a nice stretch or to hold my upper body up when practicing splits  Invest in some blocks, I guarantee you will find a use for them at all levels of your yoga practice!


I’ll admit a yoga strap came into my practice a bit later than it probably should have.  These are super useful for poses that require flexibility. If you can’t quite reach your toes or grab your foot in king pigeon(aka my nemesis) wrap that strap right around your foot and you’re good to go!


I don’t typically use blankets in my practice.  They seem to be more for restorative yoga or to prop under you to give a little extra cushion.


I’ve actually never used a bolster.  These too are typically used for relaxation or restorative type yoga.  Like blankets they can also add extra cushion and assist you in poses. I’ve seen people get creative with these when doing inversions as well, using them to challenge their balance by holding them up with their feet.

Yoga Wheel:

I recently got a yoga wheel.  And I LOVE it!  The main way I like to use this is to help stretch my upper back but there are so many fun ways you can use it.  It can be used to deepen stretches, for balance if you aren’t afraid to stand on it, and for fun unique workouts.


What props do you use and love?

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yoga props for beginners

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