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Yoga Poses you should do every day

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Whether it’s to get your day going or to wind down at night, there are several yoga poses I’d suggest doing at least once a day!

First off I would suggest, warming up for a few minutes to get the muscles a little warmer and to stretch out. I personally like to do a quick 15 minute workout as a nice warm up.

Forward fold

This has been a long time favorite of mine. It’s great for relieving stress in the neck and shoulders and also stretches the hamstrings. For this, you simple bend over at the hips and let your head dangle, either grabbing the knees or ankles, folding the top part of your body in closer to your legs.

Chair pose

I will admit, I have a love hate relationship with this pose. When held, it can really get your legs nice and warm and you will definitely feel the burn. It can be challenging to hold, which is why I think it’s great to do daily. Challenge your self to hold this to help warm up the legs while engaging the belly. Perfect to do before stretching out the legs or just to do a quick warm up of the legs.

Garland pose

Ah this pose, I’m in love with it. It’s basically a squat. My favorite part about this is that its a really nice stretch for my back. With your feet a little less than hips distance apart, you will come down into a squat. I like to lean and tuck one shoulder under my knee/leg on the same side while reaching my opposite are up. This allows for a really nice and gentle twist of the back. Repeat on both sides. I really just love how the stretch feels for my back.

Cobra pose

Cobra pose is a nice one for the back. It’s one of my favorite stretches for the chest as well. It’s a great way to strengthen the spine and shoulders. To get in this position, you will start lying on your belly. Taking your hands to each side of your chest, pushing the upper body up, while keeping the legs grounded. This is a gentle back stretch, no need to lock out your arms. Hold for a few breaths.

Frog pose

Another go to pose here! Frog pose is one of my favorites to do daily because it’s a really nice stress relieving pose. Funny enough, we store alot of stress in our hips, and stretching it out feels amazing. Although, it is a bit awkward to get into. Starting on your hands and knees, walk your knees out to each side as far as you can. Next, place your forearms and elbows on the floor.  Hold for as long as you’d like, the longer you hold the looser your hips will become. Eventually you will melt into the floor and die from happiness.😏

Childs pose

I love how grounding Child’s pose can feel. Honestly, another fantastic stress relieving pose. For me it’s super comforting and allows me to really focus on the present. It’s like the break you’ve needed all day. For Child’s pose, you will start on your hands and knees. Bring your butt back to sit on your feet or between them.  Your arms will stretch forward and relaxing on the ground.  Allow yourself to relax completely. Stay here forever and ever and you will be HEALED. I seriously love it though.

Thread the needle

Coming into Child’s pose (see above), next you will keep your left arm straight out, bring or (thread) the right arm underneath the left. This is what we call “threading the needle”, essentially threading the right arm under the left. Your right side of the head/ear, right shoulder and arm gently resting on the ground, with the palm facing up. Your upper back will twist giving you a nice stretch in the back.

Repeat on the other side, bring the right arm under the left. You can hold the poses as long as you’d like.

Reclined Spinal Twist

Another really lovely grounding pose with a twist! This is also a pose I could literally fall asleep in. It’s incredibly relaxing and such a nice release at the end or a nice gentle way to start your day.

You will start lying on your back, bringing the right knee to your chest. With the left hand pull the knee over the the left side, bringing you into a nice twist. Keeping your left leg out straight. Your right arm will come straight out to the side, with your gaze in the same direction.


This one is pretty darn easy, but I think when done right can bring so much clarity. You simply lie on the ground on your back, hands resting gently beside you. I like to have the palms facing up.

The goal here is to completely relax, letting all thoughts come and go. Simply being and relaxing everything as much as possible.

These are all a few poses that I think would be great to do on a daily basis. You can either work them into a yoga flow of your own or do a quick warm up and do them.

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