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Gift Ideas for the Yoga Lover in Your Life

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**This Post contains affiliate links
Need some gift ideas for the yogi in your life?  Or maybe you yourself love yoga?  You’re guaranteed to like at least one of these ideas.   I’ve looked through several of my favorite places to shop online to get some awesome ideas.

*hint hint to any family who may be reading this

Check out these ideas below to get you started.  I’ve broken it down in categories.  Keep scrolling to see them all ?


Unique Gift ideas:

  1. YOGA trapeze–  To be honest, I REALLY WANT THIS.  Please and thank you.
  2. Yoga Wheel– Such a cool prop that can be used in so many different ways.  Check out The Journey Junkie’s post on ways to use it.
  3. UO tapestry
  4. Stand– this stand goes with the trapeze above.  I also like the idea of being able to use as a pull up bar.  Something I’ve been wanting to work on for myself
  5. Moon Art


  1. Forever 21 top– This top is so cute, I could see this being a great option for those who like the looser fitting tops- This is no longer available but here is a similar one.
  2. Joggers –I’m becoming more obsessed with joggers.  These are cute and affordable
  3. Sports top – A nice flowy top to go with those flowy flows hah!
  4. Forever 21 long sleeve top– I love this top style.
  5. Danskin leggings-First of all, I love this color but they are no longer available!  Second, Danskin has great quality yoga leggings at a great price, my personal fav
  6. Oversized hoodie–  How friggin’ cute and cozy does this look?! I absolutely love this over-sized hoodie, for colder days where you need some warmth
  7. Jurassic park top– This isn’t necessarily yoga related, but it’s amazing and you can always wear it while doing yoga.
  8. Alo leggings– For those who love a unique and a more expensive taste

Home Décor (or décor for your at home yoga space)

Some ideas for home décor and ideas for decorations for your yoga space.

  1. Fairy lights – These are so cute.  I would love to add these to my yoga space or home in general
  2. Salt lamp–  I love this salt lamp, it would add a serene feel to the room with the soothing light
  3. indoor plants– Indoor plants always make a great addition to any space. I’d love to have some greenery in my space.
  4. Moon Art– I just love this moon art, it’s a neutral enough print you could put it just about anywhere.
  5. UO tapestry– Another moon related item.  This would be a great backdrop for your yoga room.
  6. Candle –  You can never go wrong with a candle.  This one has a super unique base you could use as small container or planter once the wax melts.

Yoga Accessories:

  1. Yoga bag–  I could use one of these to stuff my mat and strap in that’s for sure.  Would make a great addition to someone who regularly practices at a studio
  2. Yoga Mat Cleaner (I actually really need this right now, it ridiculous how dirty my mat gets)
  3. Water Bottle –  I think this water bottle print is super cute.  Always need a good water bottle when working out.
  4. Block– Just a cheap block option in case you need one.
  5. Travel yoga mat  – I recently got a travel mat and love it.  Easily fits in a suitcase and is machine washable!
  6. Yoga kit (this would be great for a beginner who may not have any props or a mat) This includes everything you need as a beginner- a mat, towel, strap and a block.
  7. Yoga Wheel– I finally got this exact wheel and love it! I use it almost daily. They are great for so many different uses in yoga. Check out The Journey Junkie’s post on ways to use it.
  8. Gaiam mat– THIS MAT- i love this print so much 
  9. Yoga strap – I have a boring plain colored strap, when I saw this one I fell in love.  Definitely a good find.
  10. Manduka mat –  This is a high quality mat that I’ve heard nothing but positive comments on.

Learning materials/Books:


The Yogi Assignment by Kino Yoga– I haven’t read this book yet, but it’s intriguing!
The Yoga Bible.-  This looked interesting to me because it has so many poses and postures it breaks down
Yoga Girl – I love Yoga Girl in general on Instagram and her writing style, would love to get a copy of this.
Ab’ Asanas by Morgan aka the_southern_yogi –  this is an ebook with asanas to help with core/ab strength.  She also has an updated version now on her website.

Hopefully this was able to give you some ideas!  What are you wanting for Christmas?  Have you already started planning your list?

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