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Yoga For Beginners: How to do Crow Pose

How to do Crow pose in yoga
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When I first started yoga, one of my favorite and most challenging pose to learn was crow pose.  I found it interesting that one teacher could explain how to do it and I’d struggle.  But as soon as another teacher taught me their way, I instantly was able to grasp the concept and balance.

I find this is the case with many things in yoga so I figured I would share how I learned crow but also include a video or two of how some other yoga instructors may teach it.  You never know which one may work for you!

First trying crow, I started out much lower on my the back on my arms.  It was easier to balance when my core was weaker, but still gave me a feel for it and was a great starting point.

Let’s get started!

First start in a low squat and bring your hands to the ground about shoulders distance apart.

Lift your heels, coming on to the tips on your toes

How to crow pose - yoga for beginners

Bring the knees up to the back of your arms.  Ideally up against the armpits.  But honestly I learned to hold the balance much lower on my arm, right above the elbow. You’ll see both options pictured.  Once I got a feel for this and developed a stronger core, I can now easily go up closer to my armpits.

Once your knees are in place, gently lean forward while lifting your butt until your toes come off the ground.  Try lifting one foot at a time if you can’t quite lift both feet up. If you can lift your feet and balance, bring the big toes together to touch.

how to do crow pose - yoga for beginners

Some other tips to keep in mind

-Stand on a block to give you more height when getting in to position.  This will allow your feet to be higher up already, taking out some of the struggle of lifting the feet off of the ground.

-Look forward, looking down may cause you to fall forward

-When first learning put a pillow in front of you, that way if you fall forward you fall into a pillow and not the ground.  If you do start to fall forward and you don’t have a pillow you can practice tucking the head under and somersaulting out of it.  Learning to fall gracefully out of poses can really really save you face.  Nobody wants to fall on their face, amirite?

Here are some videos to help explain it in different ways!


So did you try it out?  What tip was most helpful?  I’d love to know 🙂

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How to do Crow Pose Yoga For Beginners

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