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Yoga Clothes on a Budget

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When browsing yoga pictures on Instagram, you may come across some really cute leggings.  This happens to me all the time!

I’ll usually check to see if they have the brand in their description or linked. Sure enough, most of the time they do and most of the time they are RIDICULOUSLY overpriced.

I’m not down with spending more than 40 dollars on some yoga pants, and especially not on a tank top.  Which is why I decided I would share my favorite budget friendly yoga clothes.  Most of which have comparable and just as cute leggings and tops as the expensive brands!

At this time, the only brand I have as far as pants is Danskin and Danskin Now.  Danskin Now you can actually find at Walmart, which is where all but one pair of my leggings is from.

Yoga Pants

When looking for yoga pants, I look for a mostly Nylon and Spandex blend.  These are best for me when it comes to being sweaty aka moisture wicking. I avoid cotton at all costs!  I have several pairs of cheap cotton leggings that I don’t even touch (don’t even THINK about using these for hot yoga).  They are too hot and don’t do anything for moisture or trapping BO smells.

My Danskin Now leggings that I bought from Walmart I think were only about $12.00.  These babies have lasted for at least 4-5 years and they are still in good shape.

I recently bought the Danskin Women’s Signature Yoga Ankle Legging and I love them!  I will admit they look skin tight compared to my other leggings, but they actually fit and feel great.  Plus look at the color options ?  These are priced at about $24 dollars.

Danskin Yoga Leggings

There are so many affordable and cute leggings on Amazon too!  Which is actually where I bought the Danskin Signature ankle legging.  I’m not opposed to buying random brands I am unfamiliar with either as long as they have the nylon and spandex blend similar to what I have in other leggings.

Yoga Tops

If I’m being honest, I don’t really care as much about what tops I’m wearing.  But I still do have some preferences for sure.

I tend to go for flowy tank tops, blend of fabric doesn’t really matter to me.  Crop tops and muscle tanks are my go to, these are the tops grab for more often.  Definitely not anything with sleeves, makes me too hot.

I am actually in the process of making new yoga shirt designs for my Etsy as we speak, and these are always on my favorite tank styles (of which you can’t buy without decorating or I’d share them with you now!)

Otherwise I am just wearing Walmart and Target tank tops. Most of which I bought for less than $10.00.

Here are some cute options!

Icyzone Yoga Top on Amazon

Yoga Tank

Mippo Women’s Top

Inexpensive cheap Yoga Tank Yop

Core 10 Women’s Performance Top

Yoga Crop top

You don’t have to spend tons of money on fancy yoga brands to get decent quality. Honestly Target and Walmart have great options. I’ve never had an issue with my Danskin leggings in the years that I’ve had them.  What are some of your favorite inexpensive yoga brands?

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Budget Friendly Yoga Clothes

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