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Tips to Make it Through WHOLE30

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*This post may contain affiliate links

Successfully completing Whole30 is really not that hard, I mean I did it.  And I feel like I’m the queen of no willpower.  You can read all about my experience here. It does take willpower, that’s for sure.  By following a few simple tips, you can definitely save yourself even more struggle.

Find meals you like to eat and cook

-I’ve found several recipes that literally saved me from quitting.  Quick lunch and dinner options were key to my success.

Plan your meals ahead

This is a no brainer, probably along with everything else.  But seriously you have a much better chance at making it if you actually do these things.  I would pick out my meals for the week every Saturday or Sunday. And plan out my grocery list.

Plan out your grocery list

–  This kept me from spending too much and made my grocery trips quick and easy.  Using this grocery list and meal planner by, was a life saver as well.  Made it super easy to see what I was eating for the week and to make sure I didn’t forget any ingredients for my meals.

If you like soda- try La Croix

And DON’T expect it to be sweet.  It’s not, none of them are.  So don’t get your hopes up.  But when they are cold and straight out of the fridge, they are super refreshing and quickly became my soda alternative.  My favorite flavors are the cran raspberry and the Pineapple Strawberry.

Try new meals

If you aren’t feeling the meal you planned, try finding a new one that gets you excited to cook for dinner.

Lara Bars

Ima be real honest,  I ate those Lara Bars probably too much.  But they definitely came in handy.  The Lemon Bar one is my fave.


And those are my tips that can hopefully help you stick to Whole30 too.  Just remember it’s only 30 days, you can do it!

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