6 Things to Do Before Yoga Class

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Over the last two years of my yoga journey I have figured out a few things that you may not think about doing before heading to your yoga class.  A few are a little strange but some may be pretty common sense as well. So here are 6 things you should probably do before heading to class.

  1.  Blow your nose–  I probably couldn’t count how many times I was mid-yoga and supposed to be breathing deeply through my nose and I feel a huge booger in there or just super congested.  It’s not letting me breathe very good or deeply at all so I end up mouth breathing and out of breath quickly.  Not a very good look, and picking your nose in the middle of class isn’t either.  So just take a few seconds and clean out ya nostrils before class.
  2. Use the bathroom–  This is pretty self explanatory, but you don’t want to be in the middle of your flow and have to go.
  3. Cut your toe nails–  Not just for your sake but for others.  I really don’t want to stare at your dagger toe nails, they ain’t cute
  4. Choose your underwear wisely–  If you wear underwear at all, I personally don’t like to go commando, but make sure you choose underwear that won’t crawl up your butt with every move you make.  It will be much more enjoyable and less distracting.
  5. Wash your feet–  Another self explanatory one, but I’m not sure if everyone realizes yoga is usually done without shoes on.  So before you head to class you may wanna check on ya feet smells.
  6. Put on deodorant–  Duh, or don’t put it on.  It’s really up to you.  Personally, I try to limit the BO smells in class, especially if you are in a small classroom or in a large group close together.  I mean, when you are working out BO comes with the territory so I’m not super grossed out but the less the better.  In reality no one probably knows what smells are from who, so don’t be embarrassed.  If you’re lucky the teacher will have essential oils in a diffuser and you won’t really smell anything but grapefruit lavender ( I have no idea if that’s a thing).  

Now that you’ve done all that, head to class and enjoy yourself!  What do you do to get ready for yoga class? I’d love to know!  Did you catch my previous post on ways to get started with yoga?  Check it out here.


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6 Things you should do before Yoga Class

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