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Reasons Why You Should go to a YogaFit Training

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Close to a year ago, I was headed to Tallahassee to take one of my first YogaFit trainings. I was stoked. And about a year and a half before that, I had quit a different 200 hour yoga training, but that’s a whole different story you can read about here.

Anyways, I was up at the crack of dawn to head to my training that Saturday morning. In my head, I was nervous I wouldn’t like it and it would be a waste of money.

This was my last chance to give this whole yoga teacher thing a legit try before giving up on the idea completely. I was beginning to wonder if I just liked the thought of it, rather than actually doing it.

Turns out, I did actually want to give it a try and the training ended up being an awesome experience. The training I attended was the YogaFit Level One. Here are a few reasons why you should go to a YogaFit training.

Budget friendly

YogaFit, for me was budget friendly. It was about 300-400 for the Level one training. Which is affordable as opposed to paying 2000-3000 dollars up front for a 200 hr training.

Flexible Module System

With their Flexible module system, it allows you to get a 200 hr yoga certification at your own pace. You don’t have to fork out thousands of dollars at one time or commit to weeks/months of trainings, just one weekend at a time when you decide to sign up or continue your training.

Friendly and welcoming atmosphere

I went into the training a little nervous, but honestly I felt so relaxed mid day. Everyone was enjoyable to be around. But also, I feel like anyone wanting to be a yoga teacher is going to be pretty chill and nice to be around. Always fun and positive people in the yoga world.

Supportive online group

You can join the YogaFit Official Facebook Group. I loved getting insights and finding people who might be joining the same trainings as you. You can always count on the group for feedback or advice.


Lastly, you might actually make some friends! I connected with a few from the class on facebook and randomly chit chat with them about yoga things and trainings. I’ve seen in the group that it’s pretty common for people to make friends at these trainings.

Bottom Line, I’d 100 percent recommend a YogaFit training. They are setting you up for nothing but success! And right now many of their trainings are available online, so you won’t even have to leave home.

Have you been to a YogaFit training? What was your experience?

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