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Quick Yoga Workouts When your Short on Time

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When it comes to working out, I don’t usually want to spend a whole lot of time doing so.  Committing to more than 30 minutes, sounds like torture to me. I always shoot for quick yoga workouts, when I’m short on time or feeling lazy.  Somehow though, I usually love it once I start and keep going for at least an hour. As I got more into yoga, I realized it doesn’t have to be a freakin’ 45 minute to an hour class every time I want to practice.

This is when I discovered all of the yoga videos Youtube had to offer.  Finding short yoga free yoga videos, is rather easy especially with Youtube.  You can search “15 minute yoga routine” and find tons of videos, but you may not like the flow or the teacher.

 Don’t be discouraged, keep trying videos until one of them clicks, aligning with your wants from a class.

For me,  I tend to want to get the most bang for my buck,  I want to do something quickly and get the most benefits possible.  So what lean towards is a class that focuses on a fast flow that will get your blood flowing while still getting in those yummy stretches.  If this sounds like something you want to give a shot, check out these videos below!  All of the videos below are less than 25 minutes and are great all around workouts.  Even if you are a beginner, I would give these a try!


First up is the 2 part Intense Cardio workout with Tara Stiles, definitely my go to video!  You can choose to do one part and just do a 10 minute workout or do both parts and get in a decent 20 minute workout.  If I’m going to do one, I do the Part two (it’s next in the list) because it is a bit harder and more of a workout.

Next up is another Tara Stiles video from Youtube, this one focuses more on flexibility.  So If you are short on time and want to get some good stretches in, this is a good ‘un.

Next, We have two videos by Patrick Beach- a yogi I found on instagram but love his style of teaching and his workouts.  Both of these videos will work you GOOD and are both 20-25 minutes.  The first one focuses on core strength but will work you all over.  The other video definitely will work your core too.  They are both a fantastic workout when you want to get a good all over workout in less the 25 minutes.

Overall these are fantastic quick yoga workouts.  If you want a few longer videos and channels to check out read this post.

Did you try any of these?  What are your thoughts?  Let me know if you have any favorite youtube videos for yoga in the comments below!



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