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Our Living Room Makeover

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Paint colors and decor items all listed at the end 🙂

I’ll be honest, I’ve been embarrassed of the state of my house for awhile. Keeping with that theme of honesty, I was burnt out. With everything. Mentally and physically I couldn’t wrap my mind around doing any home projects. I was doing the bare minimum by keeping it mostly clean.

Our Living room before

Finally after what feels like months of burnout or lack of motivation in general, we finally got to work on our living room. I still was feeling a bit of lack of motivation. And along with my terrible indecisiveness, I was a little concerned I’d fizzle out.

Indecision, was what usually holds me up anyways. So with this project, I saw a Pinterest living room that I adored. To fight my indecisiveness, I literally copied it as much as I could or as closely as I could. And the end result? Was fantastic! I was able to keep my momentum, literally just buying the closest things I could find to copy this room.

Doing this took away the anxiety of making the wrong decision/wasting time on indecision. Instead of overthinking if something would look good, I kept looking at the inspo pic focusing on how I’d feel with the final results.

The hardest part initially, was picking out the paint color for the walls. I made myself narrow it down to 3 colors. Ultimately I went with Benjamin Moore White Dove. It’s a very popular white color that seems to work well in multiple different rooms with different lighting.

So here are some before pics (with paint swatches already on the wall #facepalm)

During the process below, with the room mostly cleaned out and fresh coat of paint on the wall. Already looking much better than before!

And AFTER! My absolute favorite.

Having the template/pinterest living room to go off of, was literally my savior. I had a few blips in the process, one being hanging the curtains too high, you can see how I fixed this here.

And the second I wouldn’t call a blip, I was just trying to find a creative workaround. And that was how to create the bamboo looking shade look behind the curtain. I did end up figuring that out as well for much cheaper than I was expecting and I shared the process here.

It was such a fun process, I had money saved to buy all new furniture and decor. We started by completely cleaning out the room, prepped, patched, and painted the walls was the hardest part. I was so concerned it would end up being too white/beige but before I gave up or switched any of my original decor options, I waited for everything to come in and be put in it’s place.

By the time I had my curtains up I was super happy with the result. Those curtains by the way are a fantastic deal, and felt higher end and of good quality. They added some color that was missing and I absolutely love the color.

I was also hesitant on the TV stand at first, but it ended up working great. It’s lighter and less warm than the inspo room but it did the job. I could have ordered the same one as the inspo room from Target, but it was too short for my TV. I have 65in TV so I wanted a longer TV stand- this one is 70 inch and looks great with the TV size.

Otherwise, I loved everything, the olive tree and the cute little decor items we purchased. We love being in here so much now and spend more time than ever in our living room now. Looking forward to eventually sprucing up my bedroom next!

Sources: of course huge credit for the design and inspo from

Paint colors: Benjamin Moore White Dove

Living Room Items: RugCouch (actual couch is Ashley furniture Calderon no longer sold so I’m linking an alternative) , Bench SeatOlive TreePlanter (mine I found at Hobby Lobby for way cheaper, but linked a similar), CurtainsCurtain RodCurtain RingsBamboo ShadesFloor LampTV Stand,
Art: Buffalo and Bear art from Hobby Lobby, National Park Death Valley Poster & Devil’s Tower Poster + Frames

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