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new year new me
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New year, new me.  Cue the eye rolls…



Except  I f*cking mean it this time.

Every year I get stoked for the new year and a somewhat new/fresh start.  But every year I fall into the same traps/same old habits/doing nothing different.  I like to talk about how I’m going to do all these really sweet things and then I actually don’t do any of them.

The problem is… me.  I know it and I’ve accepted it.  I’ve become aware that I like to talk and think about doing things but never actually work towards anything.  The second problem would be not knowing where to start, getting overwhelmed with all the things I want to do, and second guessing/thinking it’s pointless.

This year is my year, I can feel it.  It’s different than any other new year for me.  Things that I’ve put off I actually sat down, wrote out MEASURABLE goals and a time frame for them to be completed.  To be honest, I’m super excited about it and think I’ll be reaching the goals I’ve set.  I’ve got to get out of my own head/way and push myself towards the things I actually WANT to do.

It’s actually quite sad, how much I get in my own way.  There’s been literally nothing stopping me from reaching my goals.  I’ve just been plain lazy and stuck in my usual ways.  Even right now, I’m forcing myself to write this.  But I’m also enjoying it.  I’m a terrible writer but yet I want to be a blogger and don’t work on my writing skillz (new year’s rez).

If you are like me I want just to tell you to get over yourself and out of your head!  You can do it, spend that money (invest in yourself), take the class, or whatever it may be that you want to do but yet never seem to make time for.  If you aren’t making time for it, it must not be something very important to you.  SO MAKE THE TIME. NO EXCUSES. (I’m talking to myself here too)

New Year's Resolution Image

S0 maybe you are wondering about some of my resolutions (or not I don’t blame you)… Here are several things I’m putting out there to accomplish this year!

  1. Yoga Teacher Training,  whoop whoop!
  2. Opening 1 (maybe 2) e-commerce stores
  3. Stop saying no to things because I feel I can’t find a way to make it, I’m making it this year!
  4. READ more self help and business books to keep me on track
  5. Blog more of course
  6. Learn more sweet yoga moves on my own too

Ok now it’s your turn, what are your new year’s resolutions?  It doesn’t have to be a new year to start some shit either.  Just start making changes!



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