Nature is fun!

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This past Sunday a friend and I made plans to get outside and walk some trails!  The weather here has been awesome for the most part lately.  So we decided to take advantage of it before it decided to change on us.  We went out to a local state park and walked some nature trails.  It was so nice to get out and do something and I really enjoy being outdoors on a nice day!

Before we started the trail we looked to see what trails we wanted to do, but made the mistake of not taking a map with us!  We just kept walking on what we thought were the correct trails and it kept getting farther away instead of wrapping back around to the parking lot.  So I finally googled the map(luckily I had service) and got us back on the right track.  Basically we ended up doing 4 miles instead of the 1 mile we intended to do.  But never the less it was still fun!  I decided to take my camera and do some vlogging!
I think getting outside and enjoying nature is so important in life, and most of the time it’s free!  If you get bored and want to do something, look for some nearby parks.  You might be surprised at how many might be near by and how much fun and cheap entertainment they can provide!
So go outside and enjoy it!

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