Maybelline The Rocket Mascara Review

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I have been trying out the Maybelline The Rocket Mascara for a few weeks/months.  Let’s just say it’s a love/hate relationship.  First of all I would like to mention that I am definitely a mascara girl when it comes to makeup.  That is probably the one makeup item that I have tried the most brands of.  I’d have to say my two favorite mascara brands are Maybelline and Loreal. Also, it may be different for me than you because I like certain things in mascaras that you may not care about.

A few things I want out of a mascara:
*My lashes to be separated pretty well
*Volume but not too clumpy

What I liked about the Maybelline The Rocket Mascara:

I really love the way the mascara looks on the lashes.

It gives great volume, but doesn’t leave my lashes too clumpy.

It’s coats the lashes really well and I am able to get a good two coats on, maybe even just one and they still look great.

What I dislike:
It can be a little flakey, more so when washing it off- which I guess is to be expected when you are trying to get it off but I find that it flakes more than others and ends up in my eyes as I’m washing it off.

It smears a little too easily for me and ends up on my lids by the middle or end of the day.

Maybe the waterproof version would be better for these issues.  Which I may eventually try because I really do love the way it makes my lashes look.

I have a ton more mascara reviews to add in the next few blogs as well as my top favorites, so keep an eye out for those!


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