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First DIY project for my house| Painting My kitchen

I purchased my first home back in February. I lived in the home a few years before I bought it so I wasn’t able to change much just being a renter. By the time I bought it I had plenty of ideas for already being there for about 3 years. The first thing I did after signing my mortgage documents was rip down this ugly wallpaper in the kitchen and paint it! Some parts of the wallpaper, mainly the border, were difficult but all I had to do for most of it was pull it off and use a steamer. Then I chose my paint and got started! It still only has one coat and needs to have the second and some touch up but I love it! The paint color I chose was Benjamin Moore stolen moments. I originally wanted sweet Caroline but it came out darker than I thought it would. Also, it helps to do a large sample area because once I got the color on a larger area it was lighter than I thought so the Sweet Caroline probably would have been fine, but I’m happy with the Stolen Moments!

After with the Benjamin Moore Stolen Moments
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