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Favorite Free Yoga Videos (+other workouts)

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You may or may not already know that a few months ago I got really into yoga.  I have also been consistently working out since February of this year.  So far I haven’t gone longer than a few days in between workouts.  Looking skinny has it’s advantages, but actually being healthy and in shape feels much better than “looking skinny”.  There were times where I was out of breath just going up stairs.  I finally decided I really wanted to start focusing on working out and getting in better shape.

I thought about getting a gym membership, but I’m super cheap and didn’t want to pay for it.  I probably wouldn’t have gone anyways and it would have been a waste of money for me.  I needed something I could just come home and do quickly and not feel like I had to make an ordeal out of it.

I have been into youtube for a few years but never looked up any kinds of workouts on it.  Once I started looking I realized there were TONS.  The only problem with that is you get some really crappy workouts that didn’t interest me at all, and I would have to watch a ton before finding a few I really enjoyed doing often.  Since I’ve been doing this now since February I figured I’d share my favorite free yoga videos and other workout videos!

If you are more into the Yoga stuff I have a few channels I recommend:


Channels I like that have a variety of workouts that I enjoy are:

Of these channels my favorite yoga videos include:

Mind and Body Flexibility–

Intense Cardio Workout Part One:


Instense Cardio Workout Part 2:

Yoga Workout for Strength and Energy:


Yoga Weight Loss and Balance Workout:


My favorite Cardio workouts are usually from BeFit Channel.  They have a Bikini Body series that I really like.  What I like about using Youtube videos to workout is that I can choose a different video each night and I can choose a video with the length of workout I feel like doing.


These are my favorite cardio and or booty videos:

Total Core and Thighs:

This is a playlist of 16 different booty workout videos, most of which I have tried and liked.  Many are only 10 minutes—

All of these Yoga and other workout videos are my go to workouts.  I only workout at home because it’s more convenient for me and cheaper.  It’s probably they only reason I have stuck to it, is because it’s free and at home.  Changing into workout clothes as soon as I get home usually helps me want to do it also, even if I don’t workout immediately– sometimes changing clothes is the hardest part haha!

As long as you have an internet connection these are some great free options.  The BeFit channel alone has a huge variety of workouts, I would definitely recommend checking that one out.

Let me know if you try any of these! Or feel free to comment and tell me some of your favorite youtube videos or other workouts in general! I love to try new ones out.

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