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Dreamy At Home Yoga Space Inspiration

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My favorite place to practice yoga is not in a class, in fact, I’d much rather be at home.  If you are new to yoga, practicing at home with Youtube videos or with a DVD can be less intimidating than a class.  Lately, I have been perusing for some at home yoga space inspiration.   If you are interested in creating an awesome space to practice in, consider the things that are essential to your practice and what would make it a beautiful area.

Essential items for your at home yoga space:  These would be items you often practice with!

Yoga Mat (I’d say this could be the minimum requirement if needed!)
A Strap
An exercise ball (I have one to help with backbends, and inversions- it’s great!)
A yoga wheel (of course some of these are not necessary, but you may already have them)
Essential oil diffuser (if that’s your thing)

Decor to beautify the space:

Curtain Lights– (side note: have you seen these before?! they are super cute!)
A mirror

Maybe even some chairs (I want my outdoor space to double as my hangout area too!)

I really want a space that is beautiful and comforting, with some natural lighting and plants.  Ideally, I would absolutely love an indoor and outdoor space.  There is something special about doing yoga outside, and I thoroughly enjoy it.

Unfortunately, practicing outside isn’t as appealing because of bugs and lack of a comfortable area to practice in.   But I’ve found some amazing indoor and outdoor spaces to help inspire me to work on creating a beautiful space to practice in.

Enjoy these spaces below as some inspiration for your space as well!

I love this space below!  I’d move the grill and make that my practice area.

This pergola is beautiful!  This would be an amazing space to practice in outside.

This space below belongs to the Journey Junkie! It’s beautiful and I am diggin’ the vibe

If I didn’t have room for a hammock, I’d just replace that with a yoga mat.  Otherwise, I’d totally have both in this space!

credit: unknown

Another space that could double as a hangout!,  just remove that coffee table and you’ve got plenty of room for yoga!

I love this indoor space below, lots of natural light a plant and plenty of color, looks dreamy!


And there you have it! Some awesome yoga room/space inspiration.  What do you like to keep in your yoga space?  Need help creating an at home practice?  Check out this post!

Share these awesome ideas with your yogi friends!

These Dreamy Yoga spaces will have you inspired for your home practice.

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