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Choosing the Right YTT for YOU!

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When trying to choose a Yoga Teacher Training, it can be overwhelming with options sometimes. The more you look, the different types of options you will find. What’s most important, is finding the training that’s right for you!

Here are some things to take into consideration when looking for a yoga teacher training.


Where the training takes place is obviously a factor for several reasons. If you are on a budget, you would need to find something close, either where you live or within driving distance. Some people want a different exotic location or somewhere they haven’t been before, just to make it more fun and part of the experience overall.


You want to find something that will fit within your budget.  Most of the trainings I look into run anywhere from $1900-$2800.  You’ll need to see how the payment structure is for the training. I’ve seen monthly payments as you go, with a down payment.  Some will want you to pay in full upfront.

Personally I wouldn’t go for one that requires payment in full upfront just because I’ve read stories of where people had to back out (plus my personal experience) and the payment was non-refundable. I get it for the teacher though, that’s how they make money. But many programs will let you pay monthly as you go.

Time and Duration of the Training

3 week immersion, 6 month weekends only, 9 months- one weekend a month are several options as far as time and duration of training.  You want to make sure the training is during times you can attend. I opted for a weekend only with YogaFit (you can read more about why here) since I work full time during the week. But there are also trainings that are 3 weeks long and you get it done fast. That may work for you if you can afford to take time off and have a flexible schedule.

The experience of the teachers

Research the teachers. See if they have instagram or a facebook and get a feel for their personality and try to find out their background and education. If possible, try to attend one of their classes. Most websites for trainings should share the teachers experience and background with yoga. Make sure it’s someone you think you would enjoy spending long weekends with.

The Course curriculum

When looking at the training they should have a break down of classes and or topics that will be covered. Make sure you are learning the style of yoga you are really interested in and that the topics covered are of interest to you. A good standard course curriculum would have a Yoga Alliance accreditation. 

This is not required in order to teach yoga, there are other certificates and classes that are not Yoga Alliance approved, but I would recommend if you are doing 200hr YTT, that it be yoga alliance approved. Many studios or gyms may require it as well.

Do what’s best for you

Overall, go with whatever training feels right for you. Taking in to consideration the tips above and following your intuition, you’ll make the right decision. Or you can always start and back out like me ?- but hey sometimes it’s not the right time or fit and it’s okay to realize that too.

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