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Common Yoga Terms for Beginners
Yoga, Yoga for Beginners

Common terms used in Yoga Class

When headed to a yoga class for the first time, some of the terms can be confusing or foreign.  Depending on the teacher they may use Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language, to describe poses.  OR they may use other terms for poses.  Here are a few that I’ve heard most often in the classes I have attended, it is a mix of part Sanskrit and other more simplified terms.  The more you attend classes, the more you will become familiar with them so do not fret if you don’t know them!  

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YogaFit Teacher training
Yoga, Yoga Teacher Training, YogaFit

YogaFit Teacher Training- Pros and Cons

For several years now I have been toying with the idea of becoming a certified yoga teacher.  I’ve spent hours searching for the perfect program.  And have even paid a deposit and dropped out of a 200 hr Yoga Teacher training.  I couldn’t quite find what I was looking for, but had considered YogaFit the entire time. I kept getting stuck on the whole Yoga Alliance 200 hr RYT.  Which, don’t get me wrong, is still my end goal. But the more I looked at what works best with my personality and lifestyle, right now the best option seems to be YogaFit.

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15 Minute yoga workouts
Workouts, Yoga

15 Yoga workouts under 15 minutes

If you’ve read a few of my posts you might see that 15 minute timers to get shit done is kinda my thing.  It’s no surprise that some days when I’m short on time or just not feeling it, I shoot for a shorter workout, a 15 minute yoga flow is usually my go to. You might be thinking, how could 15 minutes do you any good?!  And yea maybe you are right, but 15 minutes for a bit of mental clarity and time for myself is SO worth it.  I also feel like you can actually get in a damn good workout in 15 minutes.  I usually go for more intense yoga workouts if I’m doing a shorter workout.  I decided it might be nice to share a few of my go to under 15 minute yoga workouts, so here are 15 yoga flows under 15 minutes long! Here we’ve got a 7 minute core workout by Patrick Beach, its killer and AH-mazing! Another Fantastic flow by Patrick only 15 minutes long!  Trust me, he can work you good in just 15 minutes. Tara Stiles Cardio Yoga Workouts are great, for when you want something closer to 10 minutes […]

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How to Start an at Home Yoga Practice

Creating an at home yoga practice

When starting out in yoga, I first practiced at home to a DVD.  I wasn’t very consistent but did it every now and then.  Then I came across yoga challenges on Instagram that kinda changed the whole game for me.  And honestly my boredom with life led to me challenging myself at home and wanting to dive even deeper into yoga.  This is when I started to create a consistent at home yoga practice. Creating a home practice can be difficult at first.  Like with any other habit you are creating, it takes time.  With these simple steps you will be on your way to a consistent and enjoyable home practice.

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Health, Workouts, Yoga

How to Motivate Yourself to Workout Regularly

I haven’t always been consistent with working out.  And to be honest lately, it’s not been on my radar much at all.  I used to never work out and would come home and watch TV all night.  I started to feel like I was stuck in a rut and something had to change. Coming home and doing the same routine, with the same shitty job- all of which I could change. While changing jobs took some time, getting in a consistent exercise routine and setting some goals was an instant decision I could work on immediately.  So I did, and using the follow tips I pretty much stuck with it consistently Set reminders and goals. Use your phone to remind you at a certain time you need to workout.  Another great option is to get the Productive app and set up goals for yourself.  As you do them, you mark them as completed and it keeps track of how long you’ve been consistent with your goal.  Seeing that calendar of day after day of working out and not skipping has really kept me on track.  I don’t want to lost my streak! Stick to a shorter workout when you really […]

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Gift Ideas for the Yoga Lover in Your Life

**This Post contains affiliate links Need some gift ideas for the yogi in your life?  Or maybe you yourself love yoga?  You’re guaranteed to like at least one of these ideas.   I’ve looked through several of my favorite places to shop online to get some awesome ideas. *hint hint to any family who may be reading this Check out these ideas below to get you started.  I’ve broken it down in categories.  Keep scrolling to see them all ?  

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