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Favorite Free Yoga Videos (+other workouts)

You may or may not already know that a few months ago I got really into yoga.  I have also been consistently working out since February of this year.  So far I haven’t gone longer than a few days in between workouts.  Looking skinny has it’s advantages, but actually being healthy and in shape feels much better than “looking skinny”.  There were times where I was out of breath just going up stairs.  I finally decided I really wanted to start focusing on working out and getting in better shape.

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Health, Yoga

New Obsession, YOGA!

Over the past few years I have slowly gotten interested in yoga.  Something I always thought was amazing but for some reason never saw myself being able to achieve any of the poses I was seeing on the internet or instagram.  But instagram and youtube have me so excited on what I can one day achieve. Being able to see other people, who were beginners at first, doing amazing poses, being so flexible and strong.  It’s so inspiring to me.  I guess when you see their awesome advanced poses and pictures, you don’t necessarily think of all the work that was put in to them accomplishing it.  And at one point, they too were beginners. I first started my interest in yoga with a series called 10 minute solutions that used to be on Netflix.  I got to where I was doing the videos almost every morning, then I took a break from it.  When I came back to do it again Netflix had taken it off! I was so bummed,  so I googled it and found it on DVD!  I was so excited to find it for only $8.00.  I started doing it again and then slacked off again(typical […]

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