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Gift Ideas for the Yoga Lover in Your Life

**This Post contains affiliate links Need some gift ideas for the yogi in your life?  Or maybe you yourself love yoga?  You’re guaranteed to like at least one of these ideas.   I’ve looked through several of my favorite places to shop online to get some awesome ideas. *hint hint to any family who may be reading this Check out these ideas below to get you started.  I’ve broken it down in categories.  Keep scrolling to see them all ?  

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Home Office Inspiration (+guest room)!

I’m getting ready to finally have a much needed yard sale, to then finally turn my spare room into a home office!!  I have lots of exciting plans for my spare room/home office/guest room, haha!  I want it to be a multi-purpose area. Where I can still house a guest!  There are so many things for me to consider though.  I want it to remain an area for my cats, my office, guests, and yoga.  That’s ALOT to squeeze into one little area, but I think with lots of organization and the right furniture, it can be done! I’ve been a pinning fool lately to find some home office ideas, follow me on Pinterest if you’d like. I found so many cute ideas.  And most of them are similar.  I’d really like a white desk, and some cute wall art.  I’ll need some filing cabinets, and some sort of bed or something that can be used for guest. So here are a few of my favorites home office inspiration that I found through Google or Pinterest! These are my top 3 favorite desks: -For this one, I really love the decor and the wood top is just freaking cute! You […]

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