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8 Awesome Workouts to Relieve Stress

8 workouts to relieve stress
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We all get stressed out, over worked, and just plain exhausted.  Life gets tough, and things get stressful.   When things are stressful, your mind and body do not feel well.  You may not even realize stress can literally get stuck in your body causing tension and headaches.  Instead of reaching for the tylenol and heading to bed, try getting active!  Yoga, stretching and exercising can do wonders!    Check out these videos below for mediation, cardio, and yoga to help combat that stress.

Short on time?  Try this quick 10 minute yoga flow to de-stress

Even shorter is this 6 minute video by is alway a nice quick one with great stretches you can easily do at work.


A few yoga options for you!


Maybe Yoga isn’t your thing and you just want to kick that stress’ ass.  Try this kick boxing cardio workout!


A Cardio workout to get you moving and feeling good in no time.

Another great stretching video that focuses on the neck for relieving pain and tension.


Throwing in this breathing exercise also, because you’d be amazed at how deep breathing can calm and relieve stress.  Something to try if you haven’t before!


Have you tried any of these exercises?   What works for you?  I’d love to know!


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