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7 Ways to Use a Yoga Strap

7 ways to use a yoga strap- yoga for beginners
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When practicing yoga there are several props you may need to familiarize yourself with.  A yoga strap being one of them! Straps are a great in assisting you in poses and increasing flexibility. I was confused on how to use them when I first started, but over time realized what an awesome tool they can be when utilized correctly. Here are 7 ways to use a Yoga Strap!

For Posture

You can use the yoga strap to help you with your posture. Check out this video explaining more!

King Pigeon Pose

This is one of my favorite ways to use a strap.  I can’t reach my foot behind my head so when getting into position I wrap the strap around my back foot (the one you need to grab to bring to your head).  It’s one of the best ways to prep your body to slowly get your foot to your head or just get deeper into the post.King pigeon pose yoga

Lying Down

When lying down, you can use the strap to help you stretch your legs if you are unable to grab your toes.

Yoga Strap while laying down

Dancer Pose

I’ve definitely used a strap for dancer pose.  For those of us who can’t grab their foot and bring it straight up in to dancer pose, a strap is a great way to help you get into the pose.  It allows you to get in the correct position and get a great stretch.  Hopefully taking you deeper into the pose over time

Dancer Pose with Strap yoga

Seated Forward Fold

When doing a seated forward fold, many of us aren’t quite flexible enough to grab our toes.  This is where the strap comes in handy.  You place the strap around the bottom of your feet, and fold over (keeping your back straight not hunching over).  It’s a fantastic way to stretch the hamstrings.

When Practicing Binds

Straps are often used in binds.  When you can’t wrap around and grab that other hand, you use the strap!  Gradually, you can try to get your hands closer and closer.

Yoga strap bind

To Help with Inversions

For inversions, many people will wrap their arms with the strap to keep them in place.  This can help with a forearm stand or a handstand, to keep your arms from bowing out.

Forearm stand with yoga strap

What’s your favorite way to use a yoga strap?  I love learning new ways to use different props to deepen my flexibility and yoga practice.

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7 ways to use a yoga strap

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