5 Yoga Channels You need to Subscribe to on Youtube

5 yoga channels to subscribe to
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If you’re like me, you may spend hours a week (or more) perusing through YouTube.

We’ve all been there and gotten lost in the black hole of funny cat and animal videos.

But you can also find other videos more worth your time, for example Yoga workouts and some awesome channels!

Here is a list of 5 Yoga Channels you need to subscribe to on Youtube, especially if you are a Yogi.

5 yoga channels to subscribe to

  1.  Tara Stiles

    Tara has simple easy to follow videos including some great for stress, flexibility, and cardio.

  2. BananaBlondie108

    Her honesty and sexy flows will have you hooked!  She has fantastic tutorials available on flexibility too.

  3. KinoYoga

    Kino is an amazing teacher, she is very knowledgeable and has over 18 years of knowledge in Ashtanga Yoga.

  4. PsycheTruth

    This channel has a variety of videos with some awesome stretching and yoga videos to help further your practice

  5. Patrick and Carling

    Patrick and Carling have a great collection of flows. Whether you want a good core strengthening flow or a restorative, they’ve got you covered.

    I hope you are able to find a new favorite channel and get in some good workouts! What are some of your favorite Youtube Channels for yoga?

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Yoga Youtube Channels you need to subscribe to



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