5 Yoga Blogs You Need to Follow

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If you are wanting to further your love or knowledge of yoga, finding a good blog is a great place to start.  You can find so much information on poses and even free classes or videos to follow.  My favorite yoga blogs usually include some tutorials and yoga teacher tips.

Here are 5 yoga blogs you need to follow!


I found Candace’s blog through Pinterest.  She has some really neat 30 day challenges to do through her blog that focus on different aspects like strength or flexibility.


Yoga Journal

The Yoga Journal is my go to for finding poses and how to do them correctly.  They have tutorials and tips galore!

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The Journey Junkie

The Journey Junkie is a new favorite of mine.  I love the overall look of her blog.  She’s got some great posts on how to do poses and some great info if you are interested in being a yoga teacher as well.


Rachel Brathen

Rachel has been a long time favorite of mine.  I love her instagram as well, which is very similar to her blog.  You’ll find inspiring life stories and advice.  She’s such a positive light in the world, I recommend checking her out.  Plus she has an adorable baby too.


Tara Stiles

Another long time favorite, Tara’s site has everything from food to tutorials.  I like Tara’s laid back attitude, she has created her own style of yoga called strala, that I enjoy as well!

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What are your favorite yoga blogs?  Have you checked out our previous post on FREE quick yoga workout videos?!  You can find it here.


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