5 Instagram Yogis to Follow for Inspiration

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I’m always looking for new yogis to follow on instagram, but I don’t follow people just because they have a large following.  Something about the person has to connect with me in a personal way.  Here are some of my suggestions on inspiring yogis on instagram.  Enjoy!


Aka Morgan, I love her free flowing graceful style.  If you’re looking for a unique flow or pose to try out, check her out.  She also has some pretty cute animals to enjoy as well.

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Kerri is another favorite as even though she has a big following, she still comes across as down to earth and not just selling things on her platform.  She’s a great resource for handstand tips!

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Gaby is a new favorite of mine.  She’s super strong.  Her presses are fun to watch.  I love her beach loving, easy going personality.  She’s also a registered nurse, which to me is also inspiring as she takes time to practice and care for herself.  Motivates me to push myself when I don’t want to!


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Eliza is a breath of fresh air!  Though you won’t find a ton of yoga on her instagram, you will find some inspiring words and posts that will make you want to live your life to the fullest.  She’s also hilarious, which is always a plus.

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Erin is down to earth and relatable.  That’s what I like about her.  She shares helpful information and tips to help people live a healthier and happier life.  You will find post on diets, anxiety, yoga, and a bit of her personal life.  All of which is helpful and motivating!

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Who do you follow on instagram?  If you are a yoga lover check out these 5 yoga channels on youtube.



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