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May 2020


Pushing through Anxiety

I feel as if I’m being tested in all of the ways and It’s not even related to COVID.  I’ve been pushing myself out of my comfort zone lately and can’t help but wonder a few things. You know how you see people doing things and being successful and it looks like it comes so easily? Sometimes it doesn’t even have to be related to success, it can be simple ordinary things that are seemingly easy for everyone else but you. Do these people push through anxiety and depression? Surely right?

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Yoga Poses

Yoga Poses you should do every day

Whether it’s to get your day going or to wind down at night, there are several yoga poses I’d suggest doing at least once a day! First off I would suggest, warming up for a few minutes to get the muscles a little warmer and to stretch out. I personally like to do a quick 15 minute workout as a nice warm up.

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Yoga Teacher Training, YogaFit

Reasons Why You Should go to a YogaFit Training

Close to a year ago, I was headed to Tallahassee to take one of my first YogaFit trainings. I was stoked. And about a year and a half before that, I had quit a different 200 hour yoga training, but that’s a whole different story you can read about here. Anyways, I was up at the crack of dawn to head to my training that Saturday morning. In my head, I was nervous I wouldn’t like it and it would be a waste of money.

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