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July 2018

How to do Crow pose in yoga
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Yoga For Beginners: How to do Crow Pose

When I first started yoga, one of my favorite and most challenging pose to learn was crow pose.  I found it interesting that one teacher could explain how to do it and I’d struggle.  But as soon as another teacher taught me their way, I instantly was able to grasp the concept and balance. I find this is the case with many things in yoga so I figured I would share how I learned crow but also include a video or two of how some other yoga instructors may teach it.  You never know which one may work for you!

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7 ways to use a yoga strap- yoga for beginners
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7 Ways to Use a Yoga Strap

When practicing yoga there are several props you may need to familiarize yourself with.  A yoga strap being one of them! Straps are a great in assisting you in poses and increasing flexibility. I was confused on how to use them when I first started, but over time realized what an awesome tool they can be when utilized correctly. Here are 7 ways to use a Yoga Strap!

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Common Yoga Terms for Beginners
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Common terms used in Yoga Class

When headed to a yoga class for the first time, some of the terms can be confusing or foreign.  Depending on the teacher they may use Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language, to describe poses.  OR they may use other terms for poses.  Here are a few that I’ve heard most often in the classes I have attended, it is a mix of part Sanskrit and other more simplified terms.  The more you attend classes, the more you will become familiar with them so do not fret if you don’t know them!  

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