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What to Expect in a Yoga Class

This post may contain affiliate links. You’re thinking about heading to a yoga class and maybe you are a bit hesitant for one reason or another, but don’t let that stop you from trying it out.  To ease your mind I’ve put together a few ideas of what to expect in a yoga class. First off, NO, you don’t have to be flexible or in shape to go to a yoga class.  Unless the class specifies it is an advanced class, chances are beginners are welcome.  Most of the time, at least in my experience, the instructor will give the class different options to try from beginners to more advanced. Before you head to class you may want to consider reading this post.  It has some suggestions on how to prepare for class you may not have thought of. When you get to class you will find a spot and get your mat rolled out in preparation for the class to begin. (this should be rather obvious though, right?)  If the class is pretty full, you may find yourself in odd positions super close to your yoga neighbor, but it’s all good.  Everyone is there to get in a good workout […]

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5 Reasons to Start Practicing Yoga

  At some point in your life you may have been told to “try yoga for *insert problem here*” or maybe you haven’t.  If you’ve complained about physical or mental problems around me, it’s likely I have told you “you should try yoga”.  Sometimes I feel like even suggesting it is pretty cliche and people are secretly rolling their eyes at me, but honestly if you haven’t tried it and given it 100% you likely will never know what you are missing out on.  Which is why I’ve decided to share my 5 reasons to start practicing yoga!

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Quick Yoga Workouts When your Short on Time

  When it comes to working out, I don’t usually want to spend a whole lot of time doing so.  Committing to more than 30 minutes, sounds like torture to me. I always shoot for quick yoga workouts, when I’m short on time or feeling lazy.  Somehow though, I usually love it once I start and keep going for at least an hour. As I got more into yoga, I realized it doesn’t have to be a freakin’ 45 minute to an hour class every time I want to practice. This is when I discovered all of the yoga videos Youtube had to offer.  Finding short yoga free yoga videos, is rather easy especially with Youtube.  You can search “15 minute yoga routine” and find tons of videos, but you may not like the flow or the teacher.  Don’t be discouraged, keep trying videos until one of them clicks, aligning with your wants from a class. For me,  I tend to want to get the most bang for my buck,  I want to do something quickly and get the most benefits possible.  So what lean towards is a class that focuses on a fast flow that will get your blood […]

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