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March 2016

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How to Start Doing Yoga

Affiliate links used in this post. Several people have asked over the last few years how I got into yoga and what I do daily.  I decided to share my recommendations on how to start doing yoga! April of 2014 was when I really got interested in yoga.  Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have gotten started if it weren’t for Instagram.  I kept seeing all these yoga related posts and was so intrigued on how I could begin.  I don’t know why, but for me it felt confusing on where to start. In reality, everyone’s journey is going to be different and the first thing you have to do is just get started!  It also can be quite intimidating going into yoga as a newbie, but don’t let that discourage you.  Once you get a little bit familiar, you will hopefully love it.  Many times people are worried they aren’t flexible or strong enough to do it, umm that’s why ya do it! Magically flexible people aren’t the only people going to yoga, most of them didn’t start out very flexible either. To make it less intimidating every teacher I have taken usually gives beginner options in their classes, so don’t […]

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