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June 2013

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Removing painted over Wallpaper (Bathroom progress)

This past weekend I FINALLY finished the bathroom walls.  I had to endure the process of removing painted over wallpaper and patch the walls to repaint. Before Lets just say this has been the most work I’ve ever put into a house project so far, and I did it completely by myself.  Of course I had some guidance and I googled ALOT.  But I wanted to share with you what worked best for me. When I first started the worst problem was the wallpaper coming down in small pieces. I tried scoring it and spraying it with wallpaper removal spray.  Nothing really worked for the top layer at least.  So I took it one day at time to slowly get off all the paper.  This was only getting off the top layer and the backing paper was still on the wall.  The backing paper was no problem, once sprayed with the remover it came off easily. So days and days of work later, all the wallpaper is completely off the wall.  And I’m left with ripped drywall all over the place, since it wasn’t properly primed before being put on the wall it wasn’t easy to get off. I wiped […]

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