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100 dollars for Yoga mats and Leggings is Ridiculous… There I Said It

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*This post may contain affiliate links

Okay okay so if you were to GIVE me some of these $100.00 overpriced yoga leggings and mats, I wouldn’t hate it. But can we talk about this for a minute or two.

Maybe it’s because I come from a business background and I know the cost for these things are likely being quadrupled and in some cases probably is 10 times more! Or maybe it’s because I’m not their demographic.

I don’t make enough to spend $100.00 on yoga leggings or mats.

Honestly, if I could afford it, I’m not sure I could justify spending that much. To be fair I haven’t tried them either. I’ve looked at their material though, they don’t seem to be any different from the leggings you can buy just about anywhere else with a polyester/spandex/whatever blend.

Are they some magical blend of material that will all of a sudden allow to me to do splits and that elusive handstand?! I’d pay for that!

I think at this point in life, I’d top out at $50.00 for yoga leggings. I’ve already spent that much on a mat and considering similar mats go for double that, I was pleased with it and the quality is great also.

In terms of good quality yoga leggings, I just look for a polyester spandex blend, and steer clear of cotton. Cotton tends to make me hot and doesn’t absorb BO and sweat as well.

What are your thoughts? Are they THAT much better? I mean honestly, have you tried Danskin yoga leggings? You can get them at Walmart or on Amazon for like 25.00 or less, and they seem to do just fine for me 🙂

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