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My Favorite Shoes!! CROCS

My silly cat on my first pair of crocs (Adrina)

Shoes are probably one of my favorite things to buy.  I used to love any kind of shoes as long as they were cute.  My preference was always flats (still is), but it is really hard to find comfy flats that don’t my my feet and legs ache by the end of the day.  Eventually I came upon crocs, that was probably the best thing ever! I know what you are probably thinking, ew crocs,  but seriously they have way more options then those big clunky clogs.  They have flats! and many different styles too.

So I bought my first pair awhile ago, and at first it took some getting use to the insole which has little tiny bumps to massage your feet.  It made my feet tingle and I didn’t like that at first, but I realized my feet, knees, and hips weren’t bothering me when I got home from work.  Even after working a full day my feet were still comfortable and not hurting!  I realized that the tingling from the bumps in the shoes were probably helping my feet and kept blood circulating, one reason my feet may not have been hurting so bad by the end of the day.
The Carlie Flat by Croc
The first real test of my Crocs was when I went to Atlanta and spent the day walking all over the city, and my feet did not hurt one bit!  The second test was grocery shopping!  When I would grocery shop in my old flats, I would be rushing to get done because my feet started to hurt so bad.  And of course when I went grocery shopping in my crocs, my feet didn’t hurt at all.  I now have another pair and have at least 7 other pairs on a wish list, haha! I may be obsessed but nothing compares to shoes that don’t make you hurt.  I hardly wear any of my other shoes now because these are way more comfortable.  I encourage you to check out their new designs at and see the different styles, and even if some aren’t that cute, TRY THEM ON and maybe it won’t matter.  Let me know if you try any and how they work for you!
Also, I will be having a few DIY posts coming up and an E.L.F cosmetics haul, so check back!
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