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DIY: refrigerator from off white to stainless steel!

DIY Stainless steel refrigerator:  I was searching the internet and some how came upon this product called faux stainless steel.  It was a roll of pvc film that looks exactly like stainless steel.  I’ve been wanting a new fridge, so I figured I would give this a shot before I spent the money on a whole new fridge.  Besides my fridge still works perfectly.  It was worth the 75 dollars(including the film and spray paint) instead of the price of a new fridge. This project was definitely more time consuming than I anticipated, but we got it done in one day in about 13 hours.  Had I known what I learned while doing this, I don’t think it would have taken as long. Which is why I figured I would post about it in case anyone else tries to do the same. Tools Used/Needed: * Screwdrivers (to take off/reassemle doors) * Sander * Fine Grit sand paper * Rustoleum Black Appliance Epoxy * Faux Stainless Steel Film * Hair Dryer (to help the film to stick around corners and edges) * Scissors (to cut the film to size) * Credit Card or Squeegee (to smooth out the film) We started […]

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