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Getting Rid of Garbage Disposal | DIY

Before This past weekend I decided to try out another DIY project for the house.  I recently discovered that my dishwasher was not draining and their was nasty food and stuff left on dishes after the washer had run it’s cycle.  I started looking up what might be causing this and discovered the problem was my garbage disposal, which hadn’t been used in a few years anyways because it was broken. I also noticed that while running my dishwasher it started to back up in to and fill my sink.  So once I actually took a look at my disposal I realized that my dishwasher was connected to it and that it was the culprit for all of these problems, including that side of the sink not draining properly.  Basically even though it wasn’t being used it was clogging up one tiny hole that helped everything drain properly.  I decided I would be taking it out and just replacing it with regular drain pipes, a cheaper option than buying a new disposal. I ended up only needed this kit and a basket strainer What I did: Basically I took a before picture to Lowes and had someone in the plumbing […]

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Removing painted over Wallpaper (Bathroom progress)

This past weekend I FINALLY finished the bathroom walls.  I had to endure the process of removing painted over wallpaper and patch the walls to repaint. Before Lets just say this has been the most work I’ve ever put into a house project so far, and I did it completely by myself.  Of course I had some guidance and I googled ALOT.  But I wanted to share with you what worked best for me. When I first started the worst problem was the wallpaper coming down in small pieces. I tried scoring it and spraying it with wallpaper removal spray.  Nothing really worked for the top layer at least.  So I took it one day at time to slowly get off all the paper.  This was only getting off the top layer and the backing paper was still on the wall.  The backing paper was no problem, once sprayed with the remover it came off easily. So days and days of work later, all the wallpaper is completely off the wall.  And I’m left with ripped drywall all over the place, since it wasn’t properly primed before being put on the wall it wasn’t easy to get off. I wiped […]

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DIY in progress, Taking down painted over Wallpaper

A few weeks ago I started taking down wallpaper that had been painted over.  I did not realize what I was getting myself into.  This wallpaper is so hard to get off and keeps ripping the wallpaper.  I have been tackling it a little at a time, mainly because it does take so long to get even a little section down. One section done (paint samples on the right) For those of you who may be attempting the same, I figured I would share what I am doing to get it off. A few tools I am using: -A putty knife (instead of a wallpaper scraper) -Wallpaper remover (I think I have the brand Chomp?) -Wallpaper scoring tool At first I tried a steamer, but because the wallpaper had been painted over it really didn’t do much.  So what I have been doing is scoring the wallpaper and spraying the wallpaper remover on it.  I pry a little spot of the paper up with my putty knife and pull SLOWLY.  Pulling fast, in my case at least, was causing drywall to rip off with the wallpaper. The way I am doing it right now is leaving the backing paper on […]

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DIY: refrigerator from off white to stainless steel!

DIY Stainless steel refrigerator:  I was searching the internet and some how came upon this product called faux stainless steel.  It was a roll of pvc film that looks exactly like stainless steel.  I’ve been wanting a new fridge, so I figured I would give this a shot before I spent the money on a whole new fridge.  Besides my fridge still works perfectly.  It was worth the 75 dollars(including the film and spray paint) instead of the price of a new fridge. This project was definitely more time consuming than I anticipated, but we got it done in one day in about 13 hours.  Had I known what I learned while doing this, I don’t think it would have taken as long. Which is why I figured I would post about it in case anyone else tries to do the same. Tools Used/Needed: * Screwdrivers (to take off/reassemle doors) * Sander * Fine Grit sand paper * Rustoleum Black Appliance Epoxy * Faux Stainless Steel Film * Hair Dryer (to help the film to stick around corners and edges) * Scissors (to cut the film to size) * Credit Card or Squeegee (to smooth out the film) We started […]

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First DIY project for my house| Painting My kitchen

I purchased my first home back in February. I lived in the home a few years before I bought it so I wasn’t able to change much just being a renter. By the time I bought it I had plenty of ideas for already being there for about 3 years. The first thing I did after signing my mortgage documents was rip down this ugly wallpaper in the kitchen and paint it! Some parts of the wallpaper, mainly the border, were difficult but all I had to do for most of it was pull it off and use a steamer. Then I chose my paint and got started! It still only has one coat and needs to have the second and some touch up but I love it! The paint color I chose was Benjamin Moore stolen moments. I originally wanted sweet Caroline but it came out darker than I thought it would. Also, it helps to do a large sample area because once I got the color on a larger area it was lighter than I thought so the Sweet Caroline probably would have been fine, but I’m happy with the Stolen Moments! Before After with the Benjamin Moore […]

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