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Spring Cleaning tips
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Spring Cleaning Tips

This weekend as well as last, I have been tackling some spring cleaning.  I cleaned the entire house last weekend, which doesn’t seem to last long with 2 dogs and 4 cats.  This weekend I worked on my spare room. Spare room before I am wanting to use this room as an office/workout room so I really needed to clean it out.  It was mainly being used as a junk room.  But now I am going through everything and getting rid of junk that I’ve stored in there knowing I’d never use it.  It took forever!  But I figured I would share some spring cleaning tips that I’ve learned over the years: -Make a list of all you want to do -Music definitely helps to keep going or to get going After cleaning…getting there! -Break the work up in to sections, or start at one end of the room and go to the other If you work in sections, clean up and organize each section before moving to the next -If you don’t really feel like doing it but you know you need to, I suggest starting a timer.  I usually set a 10 or 20 minute timer just to […]

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