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My skin problems with Ance!

Since I’ve been having some issues with my skin lately, I figured I might as well post about it.  This way maybe someone with a similar problem can see what I’m doing and if it has helped any.  I will update the progress in a few weeks! First off, I have oily skin and have had acne problems since probably middle school.  Being in my 20s now I figured I would be cleared up by now.  Most of my skin is pretty clear and has gotten so much better.  It seems my acne has migrated haha!  It was mainly my forehead when I was younger, then it went to my cheeks but more on the sides.  Now that has seem to clear and the only spots I have are ones right on the front of my cheeks, which I had never had problems with in the past. It was confusing me because I change up my routine and products and the rest of my face looks great.  So the more I looked at these spots the more they just look like my pores were clogged.  So I tried some scrubs and masks, and it wouldn’t really do much and again […]

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Rimmel Glam Eyes Mascara review

I know I recently did a mascara review, but here’s another one!  I told you I’m a mascara girl, so I can’t help it! Okay so I have been trying out the Rimmel Glam Eyes Mascara for a few weeks now.  At first I was not impressed.  I am not used to the kind of wand/bristles that it has.  One thing I knew I did like from the beginning was the formula.  It washes off easily and I like the way it looks on the lashes. Some facts about this mascara: -The wand is very flexible and bendable-  It is unique and not quite like others I’ve tried -Washable -Build-able, but not as much as others I have tried Now that it has been a few weeks since I first tried it, I would say that it’s not my absolute favorite but I would buy it again.  I got used to the wand, although I still prefer a different style.  I liked the fact that the sides with the smaller bristles coated my bottom lashes nicely. The main thing I enjoy is how it is easily washed off- which is a big deal for me.  I don’t like scrubbing my […]

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Review of Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation

As I have stated in a previous post about the maybelline concealer,  I was never really a fan of liquid makeup.  Which now that I think about it, it’s weird because I’ve never even tried any.  I just knew I didn’t like my face feeling smothered with makeup and I felt like that’s what liquid foundation would do. So I decided to give liquid foundation a try after watching a few reviews.  Since I didn’t really like the thought of liquid foundation, I figured it would be best to start with a light coverage one.  I ended up going with the Revlon Nearly Naked foundation.  I have been using it for a few weeks and I think it’s safe to say that I do not mind the liquid foundation, at least this one so far. What I like about this foundation is that it feels like I don’t really have anything on.  It just feels like a moisturizer does on my skin.  It blended very well with my skin.  I do have oily skin so I had to blot it every now and then but I never saw any blotchy sections, which is what I was mainly afraid of. (My […]

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Makeup favorite: Maybelline highlighting concealer

I have never been a huge fan of liquid make-up including concealer, but when I saw reviews of this maybelline highlighting concealer I had to try it and see what all the buzz was about. I don’t like liquid makeup because it feels greasy and heavy on my face and concealer never matched my skin tone just right. I usually just put pressed powder on and thats it. So I went to target and bought it. I tried it that same night. I LOVED it, and for someone who doesn’t like thick or liquid makeup I was surprised. It didn’t feel thick or greasy. It really brightened my face up, it’s pretty awesome! I even wear it by itself sometimes. I definitely recommend trying it!

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Favorite product: Nail polish!!

(Obviously I have a nail polish obsession) Over the years I have really started to LOVE to paint my nails. I wouldn’t do it often because it took forever to dry, or didn’t last long enough. Recently though I have discovered quick drying top coats, and now I can’t imagine painting my nails without it. The one I just started using is called Poshé. I purchased it from Sally’s for about 7 dollars. Ever since then I have done my nails WAY more often. It seriously dries in like 2 minutes. I have painted my nails and 15 minutes later switched over laundry or taken a shower with no problem! I freaking love it and definitely recommend it to impatient people like me.

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