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September 2013

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Gray Linen Background for Blog

Last week I was trying to find a gray linen background for my blog.  I googled it to see if I could find any good ones but couldn’t really find anything without a logo or something that was not allowed to be used.  I found a tutorial on how to make a linen background with GIMP (photoshop like program).  So I ended up making my own!  I would link where I got the directions, but I don’t remember.  I can tell you that all I did was google “how to make a linen background with GIMP”.  I figured I would make the one I used available so feel free to save it and use it!  I want to make a lighter version eventually but this will work for now! If you decided to use it, please refer others to my blog! Thanks!

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DIY, garbage disposal

Getting Rid of Garbage Disposal | DIY

Before This past weekend I decided to try out another DIY project for the house.  I recently discovered that my dishwasher was not draining and their was nasty food and stuff left on dishes after the washer had run it’s cycle.  I started looking up what might be causing this and discovered the problem was my garbage disposal, which hadn’t been used in a few years anyways because it was broken. I also noticed that while running my dishwasher it started to back up in to and fill my sink.  So once I actually took a look at my disposal I realized that my dishwasher was connected to it and that it was the culprit for all of these problems, including that side of the sink not draining properly.  Basically even though it wasn’t being used it was clogging up one tiny hole that helped everything drain properly.  I decided I would be taking it out and just replacing it with regular drain pipes, a cheaper option than buying a new disposal. I ended up only needed this kit and a basket strainer What I did: Basically I took a before picture to Lowes and had someone in the plumbing […]

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